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to meet your needs
Our team can provide several different types of casting solutions for your project. If there is one thing we know,  it’s Foundries. Let us find the perfect foundry that will fit your tooling at the least cost. The best part is fast turnaround times – our foundries deliver your products on time and meet all project requirements.
With a variety of machining processes, it’s important to know the advantages and shortfalls based on the type of project. Our 40 years of experience has create relationships all over the United States that ensures your  project will be completed by experts in the machining industry. You will see increased productivity by letting us find the most appropriate machine shop for you.
Our industry leading tooling solutions alleviates stress and saves you time. We can help with creation, application and much more. One important aspect of our tailored approach is consistency and communication. Understanding your project needs will facilitate exceptional results as no project is too big or too small.
Phoenix Environmental Enterprises
Our mission is to find you the perfect blend of sand and additives that can save you time and money on your castings. Our specialists will also provide durable specialty cores for any project.