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Ironman Casting & Machining Solutions

We have been servicing the Foundry Industry for over 40 years, providing quality products and exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, reliable and knowledgeable service; ultimately saving you time and money. We are happy to help with any project regardless of the scope, requirements and complexity. Our experts will deliver great results and can provide recommendations based on your needs.

CORE Services
custom services available

Our team can provide several different types of casting solutions for your project. We know foundries very well


With a variety of machining processes, it’s important to know the advantages & shortfalls based on the type of project


Our industry leading tooling solutions alleviates stress & saves you time. We’ll help with creation, application & more


We can create custom patterns or help you create your own pattern based on your project and specifications

why ironman cms
There are several factors to consider when choosing
a foundry provider. we would love the opportunity to
show you why Ironman Casting & Machining is the right choice.

Over 40 years gives us plenty of time to learn best practices in foundry services as well as efficient ways to increase production and save you money.


Business owners with the same values and integrity give us the opportunity to provide solutions for their end user projects and company needs


You can count on us to stick to our word and do exactly what we say we will do. If we believe there are better alternatives, we will let you know


Our owner has a proven track record of success leading companies to record breaking performances before launching Ironman Casting

Quick Lead TIMES
Our efficient process leads to increased production. No need to wait months for your products.
24 Hour service
The ability to work around the clock enables us to meet all your deadlines while focusing on the details.
Save money, time and alleviate stress by working with the same company for all your projects and increase workflow.
Happy Clients
Building relationships and earning your trust
is one of our TOP priorities when helping customers.
We take pride in getting the job done beyond your expectations.
testimonials iron
George Church
A.R. Wilfley and Sons Inc & Western Foundries
5 Stars

I can personally attest to the vast knowledge of iron castings, personalized customer service and professionalism of Josh Bartos and Iron Man Castings & Machining Solutions. I have always counted on Josh to do what he says he will do, and the quality is excellent and on time. Highly recommend!

testimonials iron
Dan Arbogast
Nutting Foundry
5 Stars

I’ve dealt with Josh in the foundry business for over 30 years and you will not find a more passionate guy to help with your foundry needs. He’s very easy to deal with and has many years of hands on experience.

testimonials iron
Jeff Shaetz
Badger Foundry Company
5 Stars

Several years ago I was invited to visit a foundry in South Dakota, I thought this would be a good chance to network and do a little fishing. What I found was completely different. I met Josh and immediately became intrigued with his passion and honesty to help a local community, and more important, help the people in the community – this was done with a Foundry operation, but could have been done with any business. I can say I have been fortunate to observe the growth and success of that Foundry under Josh’s leadership, but more importantly I developed a friend in business and life who maintains integrity and honesty, traits which are hard to find.

testimonials iron
Tony Shwan, P.E.
Hub City Inc.
5 Stars

Josh Bartos has always provided great service! He has always been able to solve any problem we have had with a timely solution.

testimonials iron
John F. Hart
Scotchman Industries, Inc.
5 Stars

I have worked with Josh Bartos, for almost 2 years and found a very trusting and dedicated person. His knowledge of the foundry business far exceeded my expectations compared to the previous supplier and kept Scotchman in production during a very difficult time.

Proud partners
Matt Carson – Carson Castings
Phoenix Environmental Enterprises
I’ve worked with some of the best foundry representatives over the years including Matt Carson of Carson Castings ( Matt has over 20+ years of foundry sales experience and is highly regarded in the industry. My affiliation with Matt will continue on with the launch of Ironman.

-Josh Bartos
Ironman Castings & Machining Solutions

Our experts
Along with our network of solutions, the
two you can always count on constantly
go above and beyond for all our clients
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Josh Bartos
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Candyce Moore
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